Business Partners

Join Commission for Kids and grow your business in a new direction.

Who is a Commission for Kids Business Partner?

A Commission for Kids business partner is a related real estate professional and/or company, who agrees to the terms of membership and is committed to donating a part of their fees or commission to their client’s choice of K-12 schools or 501c3 youth organizations. 


Why is this a benefit to you as a Commission for Kids Business Partner?

By branding yourself as a Commission for Kids business partner, it can provide you with opportunities to speak to anyone involved with K -12 schools and 501c3 youth organizations about the Commission for Kids program and how it benefits children.  This is a great way to introduce yourself and begin a conversation about the benefits of having you represent them in their real estate transaction. 

Being a Commission for Kids business partner allows you to differentiate yourself from your competition. It gives you a marketing platform to speak from and develop relationships within your community.


Why this is a winning opportunity for everyone involved

The real estate agent wins by receiving leads and referrals for showing the community that this is their way of giving back in a charitable and giving way. Their client feels good about choosing and working with a real estate agent that cares about their community. Business partners win by being differentiating themselves from others in their professional field as a company that gives back to their community. The teacher’s, coaches and non-profit youth programs benefit because they will have more funds available to them to purchase school supplies, athletic equipment, fund youth programs etc. Most of all Commission for Kids was founded to give the kids a “win” because they will have the needed funds to help with their school supplies, athletic equipment and youth programs.

Your donation may be tax deductible since schools are tax exempt and donations are     made to 501c3 organizations. Consult with your accountant.


Why is Commission for Kids Marketing Platform membership so affordable?

Commission for Kids business model was designed to keep costs low for as a way to create a unique cause-marketing niche for real estate industry-related professionals. Commission for Kids allows real estate agents to brand themselves in an easily identifiable way to their community by donating a part of their commission on behalf of their client to the K -12 schools or 501c3 youth organizations in their community.

Commission for Kids wants to keep the costs as low as possible so that more real estate professionals will join resulting in more donations being given to support the children in their local communities.