Membership Agreement

Commission for Kids Membership Agreement

Note: Real Estate Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Salespersons (also called “Broker/Agent Affiliates”) that have joined Commission for Kids shall be generally referred to in this agreement as “Members” or “Member”.

 “Members” agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1.  “Members” must be active members of the NAR (National Association of Realtors) and agree to abide by the NAR Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. –
  2. “Members” understand and acknowledge that Commission for Kids is not a real estate brokerage. They understand that Commission for Kids is a marketing and referral platform for real estate agents to utilize in branding themselves as a Commission for Kids real estate agent or business partner.
  3. “Members” agree to donate exactly 5% of their commission to the K12 School or 501c3 youth organization of their client’s choice upon the successful closing of their client’s real estate transaction.
  4. “Members” understand and acknowledge there is no contract for Commission for Kids membership. “Members” agree to pay a one-time set-up fee of $200 and $50 per month.
  5. “Members” acknowledge that their membership may be terminated at any time for any reason and at the sole discretion of Commission for Kids.
  6. Members” acknowledge that they are responsible for any legal fees that are incurred by Commission for Kids due to the “Members” action, negligence or wrong doing.
  7. “Members” agree to use all marketing materials, whether provided by Commission for Kids or created by the “Member” in accordance with any local, state & federal laws.
  8. “Members” acknowledge and agree that all terms of membership are subject to change at the sole discretion of Commission for Kids.


 Cancellation and Refund Policy

Members can terminate their Commission for Kids membership at any time by sending a cancellation request to

  1. There are no refunds. Memberships will terminate at the end of the “Members” current billing cycle.
  2. Upon membership termination, “Members” agree to stop marketing themselves with any Commission for Kids marketing materials whether provided by Commission for Kids or created by the “Member”.

If you have any questions, please contact us:
Phone: 772-888-KIDS


Usage of Intellectual Property

I acknowledge that upon acceptance of this membership agreement Commission for Kids has granted me a limited, non-exclusive right to the use of Commission for Kids logos, name, and branded Commission for Kids marketing materials (“Commission for Kids intellectual property”).  All of the Commission for Kids intellectual property is owned solely by Commission for Kids, Inc. and that a “Members” use of Commission for Kids Intellectual Property is strictly limited by the terms of this Agreement and any local, state and federal regulations and laws that govern the real estate industry and real estate agents. Only “Members” may use Commission for Kids Intellectual Property.  “Members” must comply with their respective brokerage policies and procedures as well as comply with any local, state, federal laws. “Members” agree to use written, recorded or other promotional or advertising materials that have been produced, distributed and approved by Commission for Kids in compliance with this agreement and any local, state or federal regulations and laws.  All rights granted in or under this agreement shall cease automatically upon the termination of this agreement.

The Commission for Kids monthly membership includes:

  1. Use of Commission for Kids logo and name, member profile page (example profile), social media links, facebook feed, videos, images, documents and marketing materials.
  2. New weekly distributed social media content and other marketing materials delivered to “Members” by email or available on the Commission for Kids website –
  3. Access to our library of marketing materials
  4. Access to our private facebook group page
  5. Leads via searchable database for prospective clients to find Commission for Kids agents (“Members”)
  6. All leads via the Commission for Kids website are complimentary.  Commission for Kids will not track or charge “Members” for leads.
  7. Access to best practice tips to help “Members” achieve success as a Commission for Kids member
  8. Initial consultation with our marketing department to include personalized marketing flyer and facebook cover.