Benefits Of Becoming A MemberĀ 

Use of Commission For Kids logo and name Member profile page, social media links, Facebook feed, video, images, documents and marketing material to market yourself to the public and other agents

New weekly social media content and other marketing material delivered to your In-box (this alone provides 10X value $500)

Member access to our expanding library of marketing material

Members only access to a Facebook group page

The public and agents have the capability to search and find your professional agent profile page

Member profile pages can be shared via the URL with others and social media to grow your business

No-Cost Referrals to the agent member from Commission For Kids

Commission For Kids gives agent members the opportunity to start a conversation with anyone

Provides members with an opportunity to market yourself as the local professional real estate expert that gives back to the community

Initial consultation with our marketing department

Facebook cover that we personalize with your contact information

First marketing flyer that we personalize to get you started

Facebook post welcoming you as a new member on the Commission For Kids Facebook page

Facebook post thanking you when you make a donation to the chosen recipient plus an acknowledgement on the website

Best practice tips to be successful as a Commission For Kids member

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