Benefits Of Becoming A Member 

  • Use of Commission for Kids logo and name
  • Member Access to our expanding library of marketing material
  • Member access to a Facebook members page
  • Member biography page with your photo on our website to market yourself to the
    public and other agents for referrals
  • Access to Commission for Kids real estate agent’s directory on Commission for Kids
    agents web page to look up like minded agents for your referral business.
  • No-cost referrals from Commission for Kids
  • New weekly social media content and other marketing flyers
  • Facebook cover that you can personalize with your contact information
  • 1st marketing flyer that you can personalize to get you started
  • Commission for Kids will create a Facebook post welcoming you as a new member on the Commission for Kids Facebook page to promote you and your real estate.  You will be able to share this post and ask your network to like the Commission for Kids Facebook page.

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